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this page is home of the management of the power of embedding flash movies in posts with the bb code. those who have this power are listed below. those who are moderators on this page not only are moderators of the posts contained in this folders but also of the power itself and can give the power or take it away from other users; moderators also automatically have the power. like on any other folders moderators can also make new mods of lesser level than temselves and remove mod powers from mods with less power; the lower the moderator level the greater the power (1 beeing the most powerful level after ∞).

no matter if a poster has the power of embedding flash movies or not, the poster can still include them in his posts using the same bb code but the only difference is that if the user does not have the power, the flash movie will be embeded on a separated page; visitors will need to first click the link to see the embed on its own separate page. if the user has the power of embedding flash movies then the flash movies will be really embedded in the post itself. if a user loses the power, this will not only affect his/her future posts but also all the older ones.

moderators of the power to embed flash

PAT (level: ∞)
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